About made by tobie

Tobie’s culinary career over the last 30 years (and counting) has been as varied as it is interesting. Beginning as an apprentice in the heyday of Melbourne’s iconic Cafe e Cucina, Tobie immediately fell in love with Italian cuisine and soon after relocated to picturesque Lake Como, Italy to hone his craft. In the late 1990s Tobie found himself working at London’s famed River Cafe under respected mentors Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray. Here, he made many lifelong friends including the irrepressible and inspirational Jamie Oliver who invited Tobie to relocate to London in 2002 to help set up his first social enterprise restaurant, called Fifteen. In 2005 Tobie returned home to open Fifteen in Melbourne with a corresponding prime time television series documenting the process. 5 cookbooks, 3 e-books, several national and international television shows, stage shows and appearances followed as well as roles such as Creative Director of Jamie’s Ministry of Food and consulting roles to many restaurants including Jamie’s Italian Australia and Fonda Mexican.

Tobie’s last two books, The Chef Gets Healthy and Supernatural reflected a change of pace and lifestyle for the chef as Tobie and his wife Georgia, became interested in a new cleaner way to eat, focusing on recipes that eschew ingredients such as processed sugars and saturated fats and exploring the realms of gluten free and vegan cooking. Tobie and Georgia live and champion a flexitarian lifestyle with a focus on vegetables and small amounts of the best quality proteins.

Tobie’s adventures in product development reflect these values and extend to the couple’s desire to use sustainable practices and reduce their impact on the environment.